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For me, it never gets old : the mountains, the hikes, the landscape, the friendships along the way, the steep track to the top, the windy mornings or the cold nights, the stars that light the sky, the muscles that get tired yet you push and push on, forward…or being there, at all costs, freezing sometimes in search of that perfect shot, the wilderness, the snow, the wild flowers that cover the entire mountain slope, the rocks you’ve touched hundred of times…and even if sometimes the conditions to photograph weren’t all time, and I didn’t get the shot I was dreaming of, it never gets old for me…something’s gotta leave you hungry for the next time.

Because mountains are the big cathedrals of this planet: rock walls, flower mosaics, stream choirs, snow altars, and a huge ceiling made of stars. Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery.

Autor :Dan Bogdan

aici vizualizati fotgrafiile dand clik pe foto de mai jos :

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